Rigel Engineering is an independent company founded in 1992 by a group of researchers. A name inspired by that of a star and a precise objective: to become a reference point for the IT services market and imprese.
Nostro primary purpose is to bring the best projects that stem from research on the desktop of each user or computer azienda.Gestione any decisions, user interfaces, multimedia, home automation, disability support, internet services and many other projects and products have been designed and made operational at both corporate and for individuals utenti.

Ancora long way must be traveled to l’utilizzo dell’ informatica a benefit available to everyone, but we believe we have shown (and some of our products, as MyVoice and IMEASY, witness) how to combine a complex design with a great final of usability  user. L ‘information technology gives us a technological advantage, but this advantage we want to be the prerogative of our partners, our customers, dell’ end user, even the least experienced or lucky, to which we devote our full impegno.
Un other leadership for the star Rigel.