Centro di Eccellenza della Commissione Europea per lo sviluppo della musica e dei contenuti digitali (econtent)

Funded by the European Commission, the MUSICNETWORK has been established in order to help bring music into the interactive multimedia era.

The MUSICNETWORK is a Centre of Excellence to bring the music industry, content providers and research institutions together. The MUSICNETWORK draws on the assets and mutual interests of these actors to exploit the potential of new technologies, tools, products, formats and models.


As a founding member of the Centre of Excellence, Rigel Engineering focus its activities on technologies, standards and business models for on-line content distribution.

Francesco Spadoni, head of Research at Rigel, is the coordinator the “Distribution of multimedia content” Working Group, which abalyses the different aspects of the multimedia content distribution market, investigating the major problems, the different market approaches and technological solutions as well as the emerging business models.

The WG analyses multiple aspects of on-line music distribution, investigating the major problems, the different approaches and business models, considering the different points of view and perspectives, presenting the emerging technologies and Digital Rights Management standards, analysing issues for rights clearing, Intellectual Property protection, content retrieval and metadata management. The WG investigates the structure of the developing market of digital music and multimedia content distribution, considering all the stakeholders and their mutual relationships, as well as the legal framework. It highlights the importance of the needs of end-users and consumers of music when considering the major problems as well as the new behaviours and possibilities originated by the availability of music in digital form. The WG activities are open to different audiences from policy makers, to music end-users and consumers, to content creators, publishers and distributors as well as technology providers, and in general to all the players in the digital music content value chain.